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Do people around you mumble?

Hearing Aids may be able to help! We are the official provider of Audibel Hearing Aids in Southwest Iowa and an appointment to see our doctors is always free.

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"At present, I consider the care provided to the Iowa community to be inadequate. Currently, only 10% of the people who have a hearing loss seek any form of treatment, meaning that 90% of the affected population have to suffer in an increasingly muffled silence.

I am reaching out to you to ask for your help in making sure that if you are at risk for hearing loss, or currently are afflicted with hearing loss are able to get the help you need."

Dr. Leah Campbell, Doctor of Audiology

  • Hearing Aids

Our Hearing Aids are affordable and use the most modern digital technology available. We have all kinds, from iPhone and TV connected hearing aids to entry level models for people that only miss a few words.

We offer financing for our BEST-IN-CLASS models and present options that can be less than $2,000 if you are on a budget. 

  • Tinnitus

Tinnitus, or "Ringing in the Ears" is a very common issue that affects millions. We sell specific technology designed to provide relief from tinnitus.

If you are hearing constant noises like locusts, static, or low tones, you can receive treatment that can make life better. 

  • Hearing Loss

Many people come to us for help with their hearing loss. If you have difficulty understanding words or hearing what loved ones have to say, its time for a hearing test.

Our hearing tests are FREE OF CHARGE and will let you and your doctor know exactly what sounds you have trouble hearing.