Caregiver's Guide to Hearing Aids

Hearing loss affects the elderly more than any other group. Many of our patients have caregivers or live in nursing homes and we created a resource for them. This guide goes over simple hearing aid care that can be done in the home. 

For this guide, we have created a set of training videos that spend 5 minutes explaining the basic ways to do home maintenance for a hearing instrument.

Click on the hearing instrument that looks most like the one you have for a video guide on how to take care of it. 

In addition to these useful videos, here are some helpful tips for caregivers when taking care of hearing aids. 

1. Don't be afraid to call for help

Many audiology practices are able to provide simple advice over the phone to help you through taking care of hearing aids. If the problem cannot be addressed over the phone, most offices would be happy to walk you through your issue in person. 

2. Dead batteries account for many issues

You would be astonished how often replacing the batteries on hearing aids can be the solution to the problem. 

Here are some articles from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association specifically for family members or caregivers.

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