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Myrtue Memorial Hospital
1213 Garfield Ave. 
Harlan, IA 51537
Phone: (712) 220-0903


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About our Harlan Clinic

Welcome to ASI Audiology and Hearing Instruments in Harlan, Iowa.

ASI has been helping people that suffer from hearing loss in Iowa since 1978. We offer a wide range of affordable hearing aids and services including custom hearing aid fitting, hearing aid repairs, hearing aid batteries, custom molds, medical referrals, and assisted listening devices. We also offer a Free Hearing Test to make sure that you can hear and understand as well as you need to. 

Our Team

Our office in Harlan is staffed by Melissa Webb and Lisa Lewis, our Patient Care Coordinator Team for the Greater Omaha Area. 

Audiology Providers

Dr. Michael Webb, Au.D., Abby Couse, M. S., CCC-Board Certified Audiologist, and Amanda Frazier, Hearing Instrument Specialist, regularly see patients at our Harlan location and would be happy to guide you on the path to better hearing. 

Hearing Aids

We carry state of the art hearing aid technology, from Audibel and Starkey Hearing Technologies. If you would like to try hearing aids that are completely invisible or are designed to work with your iPhone, please give us a call 1.800.458.4413. Many of our hearing aids are waterproof, use directional microphones for when you are at a restaurant. All our hearing aids come with a 30 Day Risk Free Trial, an inclusive service plan for repairs, warranties and follow-up  appointments.

Hearing Loss

If you feel like you can hear, but not understand, you may be experiencing hearing loss. Typically we find that women and children's voices become difficult to hear at first, but everyone's hearing loss is different. If you'd like to learn exactly how well you are hearing, please schedule a free appointment with an Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist. There is no obligation to purchase any devices, we simply want you to know exactly how well you are hearing so you have all the information necessary about your health.