Hearing Aid Users

Here are a list of links or articles for people that already use hearing aids. It has been stated that people forget up to 70% of what they hear in their audiologist's office, so we have put reminder articles for people up on our website to help.

Hearing Aid Manuals - A collection of manuals for our most common Hearing Aids. 

Tinnitus - Learn about this condition that affects millions of Americans, often known as "ringing in the ears".

Making the Most of Your New Hearing Aids - Adjusting to Hearing Aids can be a significant undertaking, but there is a wealth of resources to help you get your start.

Daily Care and Troubleshooting for Hearing Aids - Many problems that Hearing Aid users experience can be solved with a few simple fixes.

Improving Your Listening Experience - Hearing can be complex when moving between home, church, restaurants, or the outdoors. Learn what to look for to have the best possible listening experience. 

Reducing Further Damage From Noise - Many people have hearing loss from a lifetime of exposure to loud sounds. Here are some tips to help the young and old from further diminishing their ability to hear and understand.

Hearing Aids and Cell Phones - New audiology technology has significant overlap with cell phones and smartphones. Ask your audiology professional whether your phone will connect to your hearing instruments.

Firearms and Hearing Loss - Guns are loud and can cause permanent hearing damage  with a single shot. Learn about specialized hearing protection that allows human speech to be understood while they are in.