Learn About Audiologists


Audiologists are more than just doctors who help with hearing loss. They are your personal advocate when it comes to maintaining your basic ability to understand and communicate. No one likes to need help interacting with friends and family, but when something is preventing you from hearing your grandchildren’s laughter or your spouse’s call that dinner is ready, your audiologist is your strongest ally.

In order to become an audiologist, one must earn an Audiological Doctoral credential or an AuD. Most audiologists must complete at least 8 years of higher level education, typically a Bachelor’s Degree followed by a Doctorate.

A majority of what most Audiologists do is conduct Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations to determine the level of hearing that their patients possess. Every person’s hearing patterns are completely different and often, a given person may have measurable differences between each ear. Your audiologist isn’t just an expert on how people hear, they are an expert on your personal hearing.  

For more information about Audiologists, please look into the following sources.

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