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Curt is short and sweet with is review of us at Mitchell Hearing Aid Center. (A division of ASI Audiology).

Our service and care of her hearing needs is exceptional and she continues to be a customer because of it! EvaLou loves Mitchell Hearing Aid Center (a division of ASI Audiology & Hearing Instruments)!

Charlie is impressed with how well he is hearing! He loves our exceptional services too!

Eldora has been coming to our office for a very long time and keeps returning because of all that we offer in service and design!

Peggy could have gone anywhere for her hearing instruments...why did she come to Mitchell Hearing Aid Center (a division of ASI Audiology & Hearing Instruments)? Find out by watching this...

Randy loves Mitchell Hearing Aid Center (a division of ASI Audiology & Hearing Instruments). He is happy with all of our accommodations and customer services we provide!

Mike can now socialize and hear his equipment better, and things are more enjoyable! We are so thankful for Mike's friendship for all these years!

Alma was gracious to give us some information on why she loves ASI Audiology.

Customer for over 20 years had this to say about ASI Audiology! Don't miss any more!

Dorothy has been a customer with ASI Audiology for over 8 years and loves our customer services as well as how well she can hear!!

If you ever have any issues with your hearing instruments, we are your #1 customer service hearing professionals! She can hear whispers now and she loves being able to hear her grandchildren!

Jackie was at another vendor for hearing aids and realized that Mitchell Hearing Aid Center was where she belonged! She loves our customer service and couldn't imagine herself anywhere else. Thank you Jackie for your story!

Spencer County Fair was where Raymond got his hearing instruments! He was able to wear them for the day and then decided to purchase! Raymond is a loyal customer know and he loves the service we provide too!

Fred has some great things to say about his hearing devices as well as the professional service he received at ASI Audiology and Hearing Instruments!

Our customers love our service and expertise and we think you will too! Call us for your FREE hearing exam!

What a joyful customer testimonial from Marjean regarding all of the experiences she has had with Mitchell Hearing Aid Center (A division of ASI Audiology and Hearing Instruments).

He has been a patient for over 12 years and is very pleased with our service and products! He recommends that you take one of our FREE hearing exams!

Our provider in Mitchell South Dakota (a division of ASI Audiology & Hearing Instruments) is not only a Hearing Instrument Specialist, but a friend. Our staff does all they can to make you feel right at home!

Our staff at Mitchell Hearing Aid Center (a division of ASI Audiology & Hearing Instruments) is some of the best in the business! They take care of any issues you have right away and don't stop until they have you back on the path to better hearing!

She thinks that our customer service at ASI Audiology and Hearing Instruments is THE BEST! Her family also agrees. Maybe you should call us for your FREE hearing exam?!

Our team is ready to offer you a FREE hearing test to show you why we are the difference in your hearing needs!

Pat has been a customer for over 4 of those years and rates us a 10+! Watch here to see why!!!

Bill has ordered the 'cheap' version of hearing aids and knows that they do no offer any of the services that ASI Audiology provides! Plus, his wife likes that he can hear better now too ;)

The difference between day and night are these hearing instruments! Had NO IDEA the loss he had! Once you get your free test you are able to realize what they have to offer. Including the excellent customer service and no extra charges for the 'little things'!

Gus says that customer service is what sets us apart. He mentions that we are the place that he trusts and recommends us to anyone and everyone! Thank you Gus!

Do you have a business that you have done business with for over 20 years? Lorna does!! She cannot live without her hearing aid, loves the service and overall compassion she receives from Mitchell Hearing Aid Center (a division of ASI Audiology).

'I love you GG"! Jody was missing out on hearing her grandson say those sweet words. Join her in opening your mind and our door for better hearing!

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Satisfied Customer, Casey with Clint Hinker, H.I.S.


Happy Customer, Connie with Dr. Michael Webb, Au.D.

Mary Testimonial

Proud Customer Mary & Owner Dr. Webb



They got me what I needed to improve my ability at work, my enjoyment of plays/musicals/movies, and my life generally. — Richard J.


The testing diagnosed my hearing very thoroughly and the devices were programmed to resolve my diagnosed issues. I am impressed and feel extremely well served. — Don K.


Dedicated technicians who care and go out of their way to help you.
What more do you need? — Jeremy E.



Willing to work with you to get the hearing aids you need that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. — Tracy C.


They are great and knowledgable. I have personally known their family for 15 years and had the pleasure of dealing with their father first hand. — Josh M.


I would definitely recommend ASI. Caring and do a great job of explaining any issues you may have. Thank you ASI. — Angie V.