Sounds of Corning

Red Oak, Iowa's Water Tower

Corning is a city in Quincy Township, Adams County, Iowa, United States. Corning is perhaps best known as the birthplace of Johnny Carson. The small town has many opportunities for entertainment and excitement as well as places to enjoy a relaxing evening. Don't miss out on the history and arts availble in Corning!

Things worth listening to in Corning, Iowa


ASI Audiology has a clinic in Corning to help the town with their hearing health needs. If you are having a difficult time understanding the television, movies, radio, or local artistic performances, you may need the help of hearing aids. Get your hearing checked for free if you have any doubts, and see how well you are able to hear!

Address: 603 Rosary Dr., Corning, IA 50841

Phone Number: (712) 264-5573