Sounds of Leon

Red Oak, Iowa's Water Tower

Leon, the county seat of Decatur County, sits among beautiful wooded rolling hills, filled with an abundance of lakes, rivers, and streams in south central Iowa. Leon is a small but progressive town centrally located near the border of Southern Iowa and strategically located on Highway 69 and Highway 2, 4 miles east of Interstate 35 (exit 12) just 60 minutes south of Des Moines.

Things worth listening to in Leon, Iowa


ASI Audiology has a clinic in Leon. We are here to help everyone in town with their hearing needs. If you are having difficulty hearing the people around you in movies, radio, or local artistic performances, you may need hearing aids. Get your hearing tested for free if you have any doubts, and see how well you are able to hear!

Address: 302 NE 14th St., Leon, IA 50144

Phone Number: (641) 435-5360