Sounds of Osceola

Red Oak, Iowa's Water Tower

Osceola also offers beautiful parks, wonderful shelters for picnics, fishing, playground equipment, and the lookout tower. East Lake is home to a pair of trumpeter swans that are a very popular attraction. We also have Q-Pond Park that has limited playground and shelters as well as walking trails.

Things worth listening to in Osceola, Iowa


ASI Audiology has a clinic in Osceola, IA to help everyone in the community with their hearing healthcare needs. If you think you are having difficulty understanding or hearing the television, movies, radio, or local artistic performances, you may need hearing aids. Get your hearing checked for free if you have any doubts, and see how well you can hear!

Address: 334 North West View Dr., Osceola, IA 50213

Phone Number: (641) 732-8050